lost. love. letters…

lost. love. letters…

three person taking a bath
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Shower in the AM
memory trigger
every day
I engage in this morning ritual
today, flashed to the past
-a quite unexpected break, from the norm

hot waterfalls flowing down
the curved contours of your back
and my hands float
soap foam
follows and accents
your palms upon on my chest
jet hair black back
our eyes lock sensual glare
our bodies locked bare
knowing someone else’s body
as close as yours
in this downpour

I remember our apartment
room for two
and a zoo, the time we were together, in love

a simple shower
a tiny detail of that life
I had forgotten, tried to forget
how could I have forgotten
the reminder
back to the present.
you are not here –
I dry off, and go to work.

notes… this is a very personal one, I wrote it back in may, completed it (as it were) today, sort of just a revision, I don’t know if I will ever shake her, probably not honestly, I hope for her sake she has forgotten me, I don’t wish anyone to be mired in this, sometimes I feel it like an anchor but tell myself I have not drowned so it can not be… it can not be… for I am here, I am trying to love her and yet allow for love to replace what is gone by my own hand, so there is guilt there, and truth, and love… I wish I had the strength to just cut through it all like I know I have to… but I don’t, I am searching, and I am optimistic, I am always optimistic…

musical choice for the evening

BOA – Duvet (Acoustic)

I dare you to find a finer vocalist… jasmine is friggin ridiculous.  This tune was the theme song for perhaps one of the best anime series ever made – LAIN, it is like the matrix on crack, watch it, it is heady and smart.. and the soundtrack? well… astounding…

and .. thanks for all the likes, comments, quiche recipes and whatnot… I am enjoying interacting with you all, thanks (I bowed).

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