Erosion of the self…

Erosion of the self…

ancient art cosmos dark
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(music to read by)

“every breath erodes
          from within
every exhale
          mere life spent
like sand grinding finely
against the sphinx’s claws
taming out the fierce over time
rounding down the paws,
enticing yet another sleep
under blankets of coming sand
inducing that slumber
until I succumb
waiting, to be discovered again”

notes… wrote this way back in July of last year, revisited tonight, I liked it then, like it more now… maybe I should not be such a stubborn ass and revisit work, but I am who I am, so this one is a rewrite, I like it like I like all my new work, even though this is old work, I am sure the shine will wear off, it always does, something like a curse…

music, the link above is Carbon Based Lifeforms, ambient space type music, I love it, I must confess, so that is all.. have a nice sunday, I think I will be out in the wilderness tomorrow, in the wilds of new jersey, yes they exist, maybe just off a roadway but damn we have some lovely parks, I am sure of it….

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