one poem becomes another… and stays mostly the same (maybe)…

one poem becomes another… and stays mostly the same (maybe)…

grey car beside tree
Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on


I should be inspired
by the shoots of grass
in the cracks
of the sidewalk

Fired up my Haiku-inator 3000 (c), this is the model that can cut an aluminum soda can in half for no apparent logical reason, it can also fry 40 pounds of food without oil, it can chop nuts like nobody’s business, but mostly, just mostly it transforms mundane every day american poetry into haiku, so I browse the instructions (I mean how difficult could it really be, plus I never read the instructions on anything anyway), ok, fold in half, place in tray, press the ‘presto‘ button (I can’t believe the manufacturer is implying there is actual magic involved… oh the hubris), so anyway with some beeps and whirs… and this weird non chromatic clicking, almost like a vending machine vending, out came this…

an inspiration
shoots of grass in the sidewalk
life will find a way

I still have 3 more payments of $9.95 on the thing (I think, I have to check my statement),  it is warrantied of course (again, for how long I have no idea), the my pillow guy said I should keep it though, sounds legit…

…if you missed the link I am repeating it, tonight’s musical suggestion that is…

>>> Rush – Presto

one of those bands that is a like em or not band, I get it, geddy is a bit nasal, they are a bit prog rock, but I guess that is what makes the world go round (well, that and the actual laws of the universe but let’s not get into that right now…)

and I would be remiss if I did not say thanks, for the eyes and the time, all thoughts and such are appreciated, bricks through my car window… not so much.

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