click pause, see the amazing world around you…

click pause, see the amazing world around you…

female monarch butterfly perching on red petal flower
Photo by Tinthia Clemant on

I contemplate the beautiful fragility
of butterfly wings
upon such gale
stain glass beats
oscillate with silence
only spectacle
the dance of survival
spiral pageantry
of these so easily broken,
I think of the single snowflake
winding journey to the ground
to dissipate surely
into vapor
and once more rise then gather then fall
to travel the world over in many forms,
I stare at these last rays
bleeding bronze out from this day’s ending
I pause, for all these things
and the miracles contained
of bearing witness
in these soft moments
of my existence.

blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table
Photo by Kaboompics .com on

notes… written 4.18, last night was the first real spring rain, no, not technically but it was 70 degrees and the rain was a relief, almost clean, seemingly a hint of bleach as it gently made overlapping circles on the deck as I watched, the dog sniffing around her domain in the backyard, life is good, it beats the alternative, take a minute and breath, there is something wonderful within eye’s reach, the idea is to reach for it, I am guilty as any for forgetting this, trying to re-calibrate my noggin to ground myself in reality, I am here now, trying to enjoy the ride.

music… going soft acoustic instrumental (thanks to my bud Chris all those years ago for turning me on to this and Tori…)

William Ackerman – Sound of Wind Driven Rain

yeah, you probably never heard of him, he never got the complete adulation he richly deserved.

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