today’s meditation…

today’s meditation…

backlit balance beach cloud
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I am no guru or practitioner of any particular faith, belief system or anything of the sort (but I not one to dismiss those things as I once certainly was), today was one of those days at work where everything just seemed LOUD ! (sorry, about the volume, that is), ever have one of those days where every little sound in your office or work environ was more like a jack hammer for your personal amusement, almost a cacophony produced just for your benefit (or to spite specifically you), the phone, the tapping, the door slamming, the laughing, the phone, terrible personal ring tones, the tapping. the door slamming, the phone – will someone get that! all this escalating in a spiral of audio vertigo… ugh, I think you get my drift, so I had to escape to find some good head space, I sneaked off to my car, popped in some tunes (in this case (“Carbon Life Forms – Mos 6581”), FLAC format – I am a nerd, I know, I guess this is meditation, I close my eyes and try to open my mind to whatever will come, sometimes some gnarly psychedelics, but often I think of water (the ocean), as I am trying to clear my mind, not necessarily get to a “happy place” but more or less let my mind wander and empty and see what fills the space, today it had words…

endless waves
stretched out to the horizon
why is it always these times
when the light has not long,
rises in sines
waves formed in perfect lines
motion in curves
amber orange crests to cover,
endless waves
on shore break
I can feel each one, penetrate
as they dissipate into my feet
bottom sand, blanket sense
I wish to lie here forever
for all time
in this
endless waves, this lullaby,
rise risen riding fading
one by one looped film
as one becomes at once billions
and one becomes one with all
the calm
the heartbeat
drawn pace by phases
dampen the path of mortal ambitions
this celestial shore
endless waves
into the forever more.

notes… as usual this is a first draft, I’d love to say I will get back to it… but I probably won’t. this was a moment, and there it is, or was, or something like that.

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