“Bah, love-bug”

“Bah, love-bug”

statue church amor cupid
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Call me Ebenezer, or hey, just call me!  I am not a big fan of V-Day, the premise is fine, albeit contrived, but I think we should strive to celebrate life spontaneously (when the muse reminds your eye), especially us creative types, the masses (maybe not so much)?  I get it, but some of us follow blogs less traveled and thoughts quite more unraveled, maybe I am the problem ?  sure enough, guilty as shot by that uber bachelor cupid.


cupid’s bow
so quaint and narrow
chubby little fellow
seeks hearts o fallow
with one swipe
one strike
this unassuming cherubim
wink’s his eye
and with that
strikes down all of them

notes: just some simple thing I wrote just now in the moment, the point?  love conquers all (even cupid the seemingly ever-bachelor had psyche after all).  I have a more “cupid” oriented poem that I wrote a while ago (seems like ages but I still like it, so sue me, well, don’t sue me, we don’t need that, let’s not do that, thanks)

music… one of the most seductive songs I have ever heard, pump up the volume, the bass lends weight to the lines… listen to the lyrics, oh the damn lyrics.. man alive this makes me feel alive (and want to pick up one of my guitars and just get better expressing myself that way)

>>>>Minus the Bear – White Mystery

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