Frankenstein (closer to the mark?)

Frankenstein (closer to the mark?)

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I was pondering some things (as I am known to do) and I never really thought of Frankenstein as a direct comment on our actual literal being, our actual existence, meaning we are basically these masses of flesh imbued with an electrical driving mechanism/nervous system (I am leaving out the metaphysical soul conversation, that is another topic entirely), but in essence we are frankenstein (or franniestein, or fran-stein, don’t want to be gender myopic these days as I might be carried off into the night to never be heard from again), we are this mass of cells co-opting a host from two separate  organisms ///THEN… something jolts us into the life we are now (engaged in blogging, not sure if the the big G had this in mind but I guess omniscience would have anticipated this endeavor), so that is thrust of this piece (which I wrote yesterday), or at least that is my claim, the flag I am planting willfully…

miracle monster

dr frankenstein.
was more right than I would like to know
electrical charge
transferred to this vessel
catching lightning in a birth canal

I imagine I see the pitchforks and torches
the rages – glowing in the distance
inevitably they will come
the outcome has been written
and surely will not be undone

music?  I couldn’t resist… (click here, just a corny song, cmon...)

note: for those unfamiliar with my blog (um, most of the planet…) I post things as they are, I do not torture myself over things and rewrite stuff, these are almost always first takes (I am just horrid about working on things and write in the moment – just my way, not a comment on other (awesome) writers, it is just not me). perfection is not my thing, because I am so far from it and life is way to short to obsess, maybe I am wrong, probably, but hey, I can only do my thing and steer this ship (even if into rocks).

hey! thoughts, comments and super hot chili recipes are all appreciated !!! thanks for the eyes.

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