Holding on, sometimes.

Holding on, sometimes.

two person holding pinkies
Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com


only for you

I forever hold

a reservation

in my heart

always a vacancy

at my door

regardless of season

or the passing years

I long for our reunion, my love

I wait for the time to come

by life or tomb

I will wait for you, my love.

notes… how do you re-wire yourself?  Or fix your own wiring?  Is it even possible? I know the love I speak of I destroyed by my own hands but have always felt it was still there, even if nascent, am I right that she was the “one” (probably not), so many things had to happen for us to meet, so many variables, different lifestyles (me moving 1000 miles from home), my soul feels instructed but my mind feels obstructed by the same thoughts, logic is a great thing but is by definition counter-intuitive and I remain (here).  If you are looking for answers from me, don’t, I can only provide my experience for you to process.  If that is what you are looking for to inform your world, than, welcome, and take a chair, can I offer you a drink? sit back, enjoy. (I wrote this poem 8.31.2018 but it only hit me now to post it).

music – Tori Amos – Winter

nuff said

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