The NJ Frozen Tundra…

The NJ Frozen Tundra…

‘chill and cold takes pace
eyes span the frozen lake
life still finds a place’

one of my usual haunts (not too far from my office)… Franklin Lakes Reservoir, Franklin Lakes NJ

I uploaded a couple of short videos to my Youtube account as well.  Even in the frozen lock of winter the swans still gather, this particular pair must be used to humans (feeding them I suppose) as they drifted toward me immediately as I approached, then I backed off a little, no need to fall into the icy water, granted I wanted to get some “cooler” shots but the idea of even crashing into the ice a little was enough to keep me just far enough from the shore, I did walk out onto the boat launch (which is eerie hearing all the creaking and cracking) but those particular photos wound up sucking… oh well.  There is always tomorrow, well, until there isn’t one, so with that in mind I am trying to do more and exit my safe space life, the blog helps, it makes me want to venture out a bit more, I am sure I will never be Evel K or Survivorman or maybe not even the chocolate rain guy, but I will certainly be…. me.

Thoughts, pairs of eyes, your time, this time is always appreciated, so I bow and exit stage left for tonight.

‘walk upon a pond
came across a pair of swans
as in summer calm’

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