find beauty, everywhere.

find beauty, everywhere.

beautiful blooming blossom bright
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find beauty wherever you may go…(take a look)


in a flowerpot
admire all the beauty
even in the dirt

(OK, I went the haiku way which I usually don’t but when it writes itself, what am I to do ?)

there is nothing new about this year, it is another day, another chance, the ritual has value (renewal if you hold it true), but time, time, the actual thing “time” could care less if you are in summer bliss or winter hiding, remember this.  Take a breath, really, take a moment and (STOP) look at the most mundane of things and see the miracles residing there.  All the things that conspired in the course of history just for you to read these words (and me to write them) is an amazingly insane concoction… is it all just random?  maybe. maybe not.  I do not propose to know what creates these things but they are there if you look, it may be all science, and that is fine by me, either way the amazing exists right under our noses, our everyday snouts, if we care to look.

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