Revolution! (not resolutions)…

Revolution! (not resolutions)…

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Of course the ole tradition of making resolutions… much older than you might think in a blink, the early traces are back to Babylon (more of a right of honoring the harvest) but our tradition is most likely traced back to Janus (a two faced god… well, in a good way) whom could look back at the past year and into the new one (and sacrifices were made hence to ensure the year to come).  But resolutions… like the breath of wind upon the prairie, gone in nary a second as the dreamy bubble of the holiday expires and we climb back into our normal star ship of life (and blast off forgetting).  So, dispatch with resolutions.  If you want something done in your life commit to a revolution.  That is a plan of action in the place of words.  The latin is “revolutio” quite literally meaning a turn around and if that is what you seek – seek revolution!  If your tool is resolutions they will wind up as bits of fast food wrappers on the side of the highway of life in a few moments by.  Revolution takes effort, planning, put through and then… more effort. Revolutions are never won and done, they are messy, they are looked back upon with gilded guides but in the moment – nothing glorified as such – but the end result is what matters most.

You want to make a change? Commit to a revolution in the scope of the next revolution of our planet around the sun, that new year, from this then old one.  Not so far now we will already have come, the countdown begun has the first shot rung?

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