Simple thoughts for the week’s end…

Simple thoughts for the week’s end…

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As is my purview I like to post some simple thoughts, or even incomplete ones on the weekend, heck, even god rested on the seventh day, can’t I ?


plant a flower, because

a buried bulb, becomes

a light in spring

a germinated seed

will explode, break through earth

paint the landscape

in brush strokes

splashes color


a package left at my doorstep

postmarked by god

with no return address


the sky is mud

the rain slides

hurricane rain, drives

rivers swell, rivers wide

flood stage left

rising waters, surging tide

relentless intent


an old hollowed out log

lying in a bog

in a fog

I read dr seuss

to my son


of what I’ve become

Blue sky Friday 10.7.2018


of clouds


climbing to stars


why would I move on

when all my instincts

tell me to hold on

Music … ?  I am going deep into my mind here… something back from college days, Liv from Norway introduced me to them and the Sugar Cubes (hello.. Bjork)

Ride – Vapor Trail

Ride – Seagull

Sort of the Euro version of REM… sort of .. ?  definitely alt, interesting vocals, drum sound, and guitar patterns.

And as always… thank ye, thank ye, thank ye if you read any of this, likes and follows are always cool, if you got a blog you think I should read, leave a comment (I rarely check my email, I’m bad with that).

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