Cliche… a poem about a sunset (but give it a run anyway)

Cliche… a poem about a sunset (but give it a run anyway)

silhouette of mountains
Photo by Simon Matzinger on

9.28.2018 “september sunset”

clouds, breakers

rolling across the ethereal setting sky

the gentle palm of the sun descends

a bathing basin of light

suspended womb, cradle of life

a pause, a stop, a moment, a memory,

a photo, shared.


comets or plane trails trail

like linen strands across the blue

wisps of nimbus interwoven

eight cross corset laces

climbing up the horizon


in the distance – mountains

the sun has ducked behind

out of quick sight

with tell tale tip toes of light

snitches tattle to the approaching night


street lights turn on, in anticipation


if this is existence

in a moment –

I wish to be here.

Since I am going to go see him Sunday night in NYC here is some Eric Johnson with content appropriate music…

Eric Johnson – When the Sun Meets the Sky (live)

I wanted to post a live track to show how damn gifted he is as a player.  He is all I strive for on guitar (and I am not nearly on the same planet as him playing wise), I like to pick around and not play chords… and at that he is just amazing, listen to all the notes he plays just flawlessly, he can be flashy but he has heart…. damn I am practically vibrating in place awaiting this show sunday night @ sony hall in NYC.  Stop by and say hey if you are in the area at the show (I’m much funnier in person), I have VIP tickets, not that I am one (a VIP that is) but I can afford them, not sure how the venue handles all that, it will be my first time there.  as always thanks if you got this far or read any of my rabble, thanks.

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