Hellenistic worship…

Hellenistic worship…

flight landscape nature sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


the warming glow of the autumn sun

the never ending energy

at least

on these, our granted eyes

this captured time

all that I can compare

the limits of which I know

and there

the sun, timeless in our time

will expand out into the cold

Notes: I am referencing this post a little, but also I think often of the scale of time and how we find such ‘importance’ in things which are just pebbles in a stream, I am not saying throw it all away but perspective is a curious friend to have informed/interesting conversations with, I am being poetic and scientific, it is an odd pairing to be sure, but that is me, that is my mix, I am floral biological chemistry in motion, or at least that is my best analogy for this whole thing, the sun is more than just some ball, it is a star, this huge engine of massive energy pulsing out light (and more) every single moment of every day for billions of years, almost hard to wrap your noggin around, but I am fascinated by it, as our ancestors were, how far removed from them are we ?  silly, not much, even though we think we are so advanced, we are all still stuck here on this one planet, in one system, in one galaxy, it is quite humbling… and then you can get into multi-verses, dimensions, what was before the universe before the universe (something had to exist didn’t it ? there is a beginning of everything.. isn’t there?)… it is exhausting, but why not postulate and probe and try, to reach, the stars, and all, because this, is all, we know.

music… I’ll post one of my fave bands (as usual)

Voivod – Moonbeam Rider

Spacey and airy… Piggy (RIP) was such a unique player, just a damn one of a kind band all around, I love how this song is like space thrash with awesome bass. I wanted to post some At The Drive In as that is what I was jamming to on the traffic home tonight but oh well… there is always next time…

Any and all thoughts/comments (suggestions ?) are appreciated… or ignored, depends on my mood… (kidding ! sheesh !)

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