On the way to work today (nostalgia).

On the way to work today (nostalgia).

yellow school bus beside gray concrete building
Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu on Pexels.com


left – right

left – right

up – down

up – down

red lights

parents wave goodbye

only for the day.

school bus

notes… not sure how the school buses function where you are, here it seems to be pretty much the same since I was a wee lad, the ritual of parents escorting you to the corner to board onto the bus for the day, seems like forever a go,  the memories came charging back so vividly when I was stuck behind a bus this morning (mesmerized by the rhythm of the lights). something that was so routine it was the routine, all we knew, gone after being there for so long, like everything else we get used to, life marches on.

Musical choice?  I am in the need of some classical, so time to pull out an old fave…

Sebelius : Finlandia (as performed by the BBC Symphony and Chorus)

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