Seduction of ideas.

Seduction of ideas.

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

spin cycle” 9.7.2018

a funnel, a tornado

a spiral down

tempest in a chatterbox

storm of the sentry

guarding nothing

a web of mendacity

a veil peeled away


a vile tongue and forked eyes

slither, coil, hiss

your temptation – phantom kiss

lost on your lands, drawn out by escher

locked in looped circles that masquerade as stairs

your spell – intoxication

my fingertips slide across

the supple upholstery of the installation

of false dreams –

…I start to believe…

music ? I am going off the board (again)…

thought industry – songs for insects

Kind of totally off the wall metal band from back… well, back…  some industrial elements, lots of cool time changes, totally offbeat, like me.. so, I dig it… sometimes I almost forget all the weirdness I have absorbed over theses years, and other times it oozes out of me like, well, I can’t think of a good metaphor right now, get back to me later.

Thoughts, comments and follows are as always… appreciated.

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