The adulation of Tiger Woods… (bothers me)

The adulation of Tiger Woods… (bothers me)

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(putting on my sports blog hat….) How soon we forget.  I am not saying people can not find forgiveness (that is a good thing) but the absolute fawning over Tiger Woods finally coming all the way back is a bit much for me.  Does anyone remember what an A-1 scumbag this guy was ?  The total fake clean guy image bought and sold by almost everyone… and it was all BS.  It wasn’t like he was having some side piece with some little hot thing.. it was porn stars (who I don’t begrudge actually) and a ton of women across the spectrum.  Look, I could care less where Tiger cares to stick his 9 iron (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt there), but he has kids.. and marriage, that was the line imo.  The guy had it all and blew it for what?  Get a divorce man!  I don’t think he should be shunned or tarred/feathered (how cool would that be if we still did that, tangent) but … some hero to be exalted because he came back into a privileged (money) game ?  It’s not like he was hurting for dough or dealing with cancer (or anything like a real life that 99.99% of the world’s population deals with)… I guess I am saying…just be honest…  That’s all…

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