Better said already…

Better said already…

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Dylan Thomas

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

the poem of course, is historically one of the greatest in history… all poets aspire to write such wall crumbling words, we need to internalize same and live our lives this way.  Do I do it ? No.. I aspire to it.  These are wonderful words and an amazing example of why word art matters.  We must remember that art does matter but also the sentiment of truth anchors the best of art.  The truth being that we have this little slice of time to be relevant, to be actually US, to be ourselves, we will blink and be gone… we only have this little time, instead of living many of us are wrapped up in nothing (myself included).. how do we escape this pattern and LIVE as free people, free from perception, allegation, the chains of oppression of society and the expectations of same.  If you are expecting answers, I am sorry, I am seeking them as well.

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