Observations from my porch…

Observations from my porch…

clouds daylight forest landscape
Photo by katja on Pexels.com

Anyone who has read my blog (thanks by the way) should know by now I endeavor to sit out on my porch and observe the world, I kind of want to do this as an experiment over the course of time so you can track my thoughts along the course of a year, I write “from the porch” often but not every day, but still it should be an interesting experience to see where this goes.  Tonight’s edition is actually something(s) I wrote and totally forgot about.  I am not saying these are all masterpieces, more often they are set pieces to capture the moment… I have so many journals laying around (I try to have one ready wherever I go: my car, my outdoor backpack, work etc etc).. so somehow these entries missed being posted (could be me working 60-70 hours a week…  nah….) but anyway I want to post them and then I will put them in order in the series (because I like order, you may call it OCD… damn you) so anyway without all my verbose droning…

porch” (series) 6.10.2018

the rise and fall of the cicada’s song

the humidity has lost a bit of its teeth

but is still warm to the touch

a young lone jack rabbit nibbling on my lawn

the distant hum of airliners crossing some miles away

the birds chatter dims in the fading tones of light orange

the cicadas song comes and goes flowing over

the summer night – still there is light

this late hour when winter would be pressing sleep

the summer stays awake with the possibility of day

conquering the night, the impetus of dreams

senses” (porch series) 6.10.2018

I look out at all I can see

all that is in front of me

for it is nothing

even with a telescope or the mighty hubble itself

deep into the cosmos

we can barely see even past our own front yard

my eyes strain

but I can not see space

my eyes were not designed

not evolved, for this

they are bound to this rock, to this place

this space, this history

the square meters laid out in front of me

I should learn to observe –

with my ears

let my mind develop the photos

imagination and fears

might I taste the air

like a snake

but my eyes, my eyes

want to rule my truth

when in all

all senses I should use

to discover this world

because it will be all I will ever know

(porch) 6.10.2018

the street is almost silent now

the last strength of the sun struggles against slumber

the crescent moon blushes in full glow

composed to lead the stars

all the day sounds

have retreated into beds of calm

I remain as a witness

to this, transition

that has transpired

and will

does the world remember

these cycles

as each day is truly unique

but so many

so many, infinite combinations

may seem the same

but for a moment a finite grain

of singular existence in time.

musical choice of the night ?

humanmshdance – music of the spheres

totally chill… relax and listen to the tones and then the bass kick in… amazing.

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