Water. does not make sound.

Water. does not make sound.

creek environment flow landscape
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

The oppressive ire of a humid summer broke in a big way yesterday, the temperature dropped to the point of going from summer shorts to a fall jacket overnight, I can’t say today was one of those miserable gray days you might think of, but it did rain all day, kind of off and on, never to hard never gone, I was going to go out and try to write out on my porch, but it is raining man… so I didn’t, but my mind did start up the writing engine as I was taking out the garbage (ah yes the regal authority of suburban life) and I thought about the rain (and as usual things we take for granted).  I love the way rain sounds, I am one of those people who listens to “white noise” at night to sleep, usually ocean waves (my fave) or rain storms (especially with rolling thunder)… but then a little gnome of realization grabbed my ear and whispered… “rain is silent you fool”, after a little soul searching about listening to a figment of imagination I had to tend to agree…

Rain does not make noise.  Rain is the percussion section of nature’s orchestra.  All the sounds we associate with rain or storms is certainly “not rain”.  Wind ? Thunder? The trees whipping, cars whipping down the street whoosh as they go by, jumping in a puddle splash, the ground rumbling from thunder claps… all not rain.  Rain is the sound of impact.  Think about that, something that only makes sound upon impact… and everything it impacts makes a different sound… but we process that as “rain” but it is surely not.  Rain is a silent lot, as it hits your earlobe, your car hood, your driveway, a thousand leaves, all of these… so remarkably different in all aspects. Rain is not like a voice, a voice is the sound of you, it may have a different impact on the intended target but the sound.. the sound is not impact, the perception is, quite different from rain.  So then…

I thought further, about water, in general… do waves make a sound? or is it their impetus movement against the shore ? Do ice cubes make a rap or is it the impact with your glass? or the crack as they dissipate ? Waterfalls, where is the sound found ?

I guess, remember to look at all things and think, observe how the world really works.

so after my philosophy blathering… “philosophy is the talk on a cereal box, religion is a smile on a dog”

Edie Brickell & NewBohemians – What I Am

one of my all time favorites… enjoy, smile, smile at the world, because a scowl doesn’t help anything.  do I do that all the time ? nah… but I am trying.

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