Simple of mind

Simple of mind

aquatic beautiful bloom blooming
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So of course the unofficial end of summer has come to pass, to be honest for me this is just another week, I do not have a pool to drain (labor day weekend is usually the last day people keep their pools open, in these parts at least), I actually worked yesterday so it was just my normal one day off weekend (that’s not a complaint, that is just how my job rolls (over me)), the traffic didn’t seem totally out of control, in fact I made it to the office on time (a 26 mile drive that can take from one hour to two… yikes, that I will complain about…), anyway, a server blew up around 4:30 and I got stuck working until about 8:30pm this evening, again, it is the job I chose so… (can I still say it sucks sometimes though? ok, it sucked today…) but anyway, here I am at my keyboard, sort of drained from the waterboarding of work today… just looking to post some simpler thoughts, just ideas, maybe not even complete (or my better) works, but that’s ok, you might not notice the difference anyway… besides I liked some of the ideas, this is not a beauty contest, hopefully it is just a glimpse into my mind for understanding, mine or yours, you have the menu, so order something up amigo !


O’ moon

master of the tides

are you yet tired?

As you gently roam

the sky

waxing and waning

rising and falling

living and dying

tied to the tides

but in the sky

alone, roaming.



into particles


out into the cosmos

retain consciousness


spread among the stars

I am the milky way

I am a galaxy




legacy” 6.1.18

when I pass

will these words remain

in a book

on a page

kept alive

for posterity

when I am just

a memory

broke” 6.1.18

how could I have been so wrong

how could I have been so wrong

not a mantra

not a song

but a dirge

I have destroyed all that’s worth

place” 6.11.18

you’ve come to a different truth

where our love did not exist

please tell me

is there something I missed

truth” 6.12.18

I would like

to loan you my truth

so you will know

and in return

please lend me yours

notes… not much to say here, just, I do like the ideas here, perfect? nah.  neither am I, or you, or anything (except Mr. Do, but that’s my opinion…)


Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

hell, I am a child of the 80’s after all, to me this song is like the soundtrack to about 52 movies… nothing is more 80’s than this, and suddenly nostalgia seems to be a thing, but I was there… trust me, most of the music sucked monkey balls, but what was good…. was damn good…

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