On my porch again…

On my porch again…

leafless tree on grass field
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

When 6pm rolled around I didn’t think I had any thoughts in me, well, I had thoughts but they seemed to want to crawl back into a comfy bed and curl up with my mypillow and just… not create – nap  but I could not (I was on call today for work.. and in short, it sucked for hours), so then after those facts I had dinner (as I usually do) and sat outside for awhile, just hanging out listening to the summer sounds (decompressing), distant kid voices, the occasional roar of an airliner (I am not too far from Newark airport after all), the din of insects, the chatter of the neighborhood walkers (mostly foreign languages), some dogs barking… I have to say it is cathartic, I recommend taking the appointment time (if you can) and just observe the space around you, especially for creative types, you can develop stories just based on what you see, so after all my blathering what I am trying to say is I did write… whether it is good or not ? meh… not important, I was in the moment, so like it or not, here was my shot…


the summer seems to have lost some breath, some steam

as if she knows she is in the final stretch,

after just mere hours yesterday as I declared her death

she reared up in full form, regalia, glory,

with mighty vengeance

unleashing a torrent of gripping heat

and concentrated lens,

the type of day that makes waves

in the sight of asphalt,

the type of day barefoot burns,

necks bare red in a seeming instant,

no, this is not convection

she set this all the way to broil,

but here I sit in lovely aftermath

now that the sun has faded down

quickly drains out the wrath.

summer seems she is spent

but she will not go willingly –

as is all things.

sunlight, because we see you” 9.3.2018

we perceive the sunlight as pulling back

when we are really spinning away, tethered to the land

we perceive the sun as rising up

when we are really hurtling toward, hidden forces,

those who do not believe

in something you can not see

take you for granted

every waking moment

Gravity and Time

they go about being

paying no attention to

us. the dust, the wind, the rain, evolution, airplanes, messaging –

all the same, to them

they were here, before the human show

they will see the epilogue, and a thousand more,

I wonder if there are forces out there

that they yet fear ?

music.. hmm, I love to post my damn opinionated musical selections 🙂

Eric Johnson – Stratagem

EJ…  I don’t know what to say, either you get him or don’t, too me he plays with “joy”, it is so apparent, just.. go see him in person, you will thank me, no ego, no hubris, the guy is just the baddest ass player but plays with joy, hard to explain, even with my damn vocabulary.

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