So Fate and I…

So Fate and I…

“I insist”
so, I sat down for a cup of coffee with Fate
actually, I am sitting by myself because she is late
(so typical of her)

been a long time since we caught up
so long I can’t even remember how we first met
I really shouldn’t be surprised
I’ve known her for basically my entire life
I really don’t think she does it to be rude
I know she has a lot to do and lots of other people to see
I remember how she would tell me about work
and she felt like she had been there “forever”
how every time she got through a pile of work
there would magically appear another
so, I get it
but I must admit (between me and you) it is still a touch annoying

I guess I just have great anticipation
she always has something interesting to say
and the stories…
man! the stories, she has the best stories
I always tell her she should write a book
but of course she would say
“you know my stories do not work that way,
I have to tell them in person, person to person”
so then I suggest she should do some stand up comedy
(she is very funny you know, a bit dry but very clever once you get used to her twists and turns)
so she would reply
“ugh, knowing me, and you know me, I would have to come up with a new act every night, and that is just exhausting”
of course I agree on reflection
but you always want your friends to ride their talent to full potential
I know she does great at her job,
so I really shouldn’t worry,
human nature I guess
is that her car?
no, I think she has a newer model

(maple latte please)

oh, here she comes
I wave
oh no
she has brought a guest…


nature brook creek stream
Photo by Jaymantri on

My notes are usually up front but I wanted to flip the script…. because, why not?  I wrote this while digging in the middle of a brook for fossils today…  must have been a strange (amusing) view, I am up to my boots in muck and the idea hits, so I had to scramble to the bank in thick schwup (sound) steps through muddy sand, dry my hands, pull my journal out of the plastic bag, and scramble these words, the whole time cursing the dumb pen I packed (because damn it sucks but I can’t bring my Mont Blanc or Cross into the woods).  The idea of treating abstract ideas as people is of course not new but I don’t recall if I have done this before.  My personal favorite at this is Neil Gaiman, to say he is a master story teller is under selling.  Check out this video with him and Stephen Fry, I found it utterly entertaining.  So, back to my post.  Fate? Pre-destination ?  What do you think of fate?  I vacillate.. we think we know so much, but in a universe defined by billions of years how can our intellect really grasp how this all works given our blink of an existence?  We all want to believe we have free will.. but how can we actually prove that … … … ?

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