Friday Night Follies…

Friday Night Follies…

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I am a wordsmith, truly my trade, a pen is my hammer, paper is my forge, I love to play with language in any form, so another week has passed and as is my habit with sharing my refrains, time for some lighter things, I am feeling a strain of Twain, I say that not to boast but with deference and irreverence to old man Clemens, so enjoy, these are just for pun, go out into the world and blow her a kiss, she deserves it…

I call this series animal crackers… and as usual I wrote these all at the same time, enjoy my cornball goofball sideswipes (hopefully, I don’t know, you tell me)

rats have long tales
but do not write books

the possum was the life of the party
until he passed out

fish are quite mischievous
they always skinny dip

song birds fill the air with music
but don’t take them to a Karaoke bar

worms, like children
sometimes eat dirt

amphibious scenery
newt beach

triceratops did not spin

killer whales
only have black tie affairs
although penguins are invited
pandas, skunks and zebras
all feel slighted

snakes? complainers
constant belly aches
and scrapes

a kangaroo’s preferred drink?
served on the rocks
hop scotch

a dog stops and stares
dramatic paws
the same dog joined the navy
and became a sub woofer

a lion’s residence ?
main street

snails love westerns
“happy trails”

an elephant’s car
has two trunks

the octopus
has eight cats

the starfish
is surprisingly dim

bats tend to hang out
to all hours
but they make great air traffic controllers

Musical selection ?  Let’s go amusing… to assimilate the mood, a little strange funk to accommodate the junk I thunk above…  Mr. Bungle “Squeeze Me Macaroni”… a band fronted by Michael Patton (Faith No More, a damn interesting guy) mixing funk, metal.. and well just about everything.  oh, and please tell me you get why I linked bats to air traffic control.. hello out there? is anybody out there? (pink floyd) damn, sometimes I feel like the Dennis Miller of blogs with my references…

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