Just short…

Just short…

silver and gold coins
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

sometimes I won’t have something clever to say, it happens.

sometimes I just want to post some stuff, it happens (below)




driving around my hometown

in all the corners

shadows and streets


creep and speak

I no longer listen

I block them out

my own eminent domain


fishing hole

fishes home

fishing pole

I cast my line

time and time

a nibble perhaps a bite

to reel in my catch

a simple delight



rain drops

lives lost

lights turned out

endless clock


if there is wind

let it fill my sails

transport me to foreign shores

to unknown lands

where I might

begin again

music? OK, I can get back into that. King’s X “Thinking and Wondering (what I’m gonna do)” (live, acoustic), so yeah, King’s X is a band I love and will post about them until the world puts me 6 feet under.  King’s X is a gay black front man from Illinois, a slick guitar player from Mississippi (southern drawl), and a drummer from New Jersey (who is an interesting writer).. and they can all sing.. so yeah, they were diversity before diversity was cool… because it wasn’t a thing, they just “were”.. like we all should be.

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