Live poetry jam #2

Live poetry jam #2

I must be in a mood today… the only way I could have posted this faster is with my brain… I must admit this experiment is intriguing.

edit 6/21 12:51am… just cleaning this up for looks, that is my actual scribble there, I was in a supermarket working on a self checkout (I’m a NCR certified tech, you know, to pay the bills)… I think people must have found me weird scribbling away on paper and then furiously trying to learn the wordpress app in the maelstrom of a busy market.


horse and carriage

traveling about this map of roads

might I pick up a companion

how will I know?

might we ride awhile

and let the story tell

hearts and clubs

as they fell

from hands

the cards

horses always forward

carriage half full

(Live from Jackson Heights, Queens NY)

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