Drive by…

Drive by…

person holding fountain pen
Photo by John-Mark Smith on

Live poetry, i would say the ink is still drying but i use a modern pen not a cool antique… which reminds me i might quite like one of those… posting from my car and phone for the first time…

edit 6/21 1:02am… just cleaning this up for aesthetics, I also want to note that I think it is important to capture moments and try to convey them. Robins are ultra common here.. but not so in other places, I think we get familiar and forget things like that.  Robins are very much land dwellers and territorial little maniacs (with bright blue eggs).. anyway, their behavior is so distinct, look around, pay attention, tell me about your reality.


I was talking to a robin just now

walking to my car

robin hopping

I tried to explain

we are going the same way

the robin

did not listen

and finally

had to fly away

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