two black horse on field
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I really did not plan on posting this the day before the Belmont Stakes (really, I swear).  I wonder where inspiration really comes from.  Divine spark ? (as it were).  I have always sort of written poems in these veins… sort of like Ozymandias (one of the first poems I really remember striking me).  This is another work that is word for word (sans punctuation) exactly what I jotted down in an instance (inspiration – Divine Equine?).


once a stallion” 3/28/2018

I was once a glorious Stallion.

thundering through fertile fields,

as carved in stone

from the Roman age

power , engraved

in a glance

my mere stance falls tall

cast of my shadow confidence upon

in the noon sun hour

glistening to behold.

DMK note: R.I.P. to Anthony Bourdain, I suppose we have all contemplated suicide but it still comes as a shock when we see someone who seemingly “has it all” go that way.  Take happiness where you can get it… and hold on to it… as long as you have breath you have hope.

music : My Dying Bride “For My Fallen Angel”

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