Love is…

Love is…

stone artwork
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a puzzle, regret, joy, inspiration.  Many things. Today she is something I wish I could forget.




untitled” 3/28/2018

the depth of sorrow

regret burrowing

cornered mole inside, churns

the helplessness

an infant cries in the void


waiting for the fade

but ever sharper

the thought,

a star dims I can no longer reach,

one second on social media

mine to reach

mine to display

to marvel

to joy!


to run and ruin in the depths

my life breathes

labored and arid

deprived of your air


I imagine my hand

cradled behind your hair

to embrace once more

the warmth

of your breast

holding close and closer closer

in sheer desperation


an apparition

cast adrift

on the vast

succumbs to the tide

I can no longer grasp

the prospect of land.

holding you” 4/2/18

if I might hold you again

like a delicate orchid

pressed upon my skin


if I might dare your sweet embrace

like summer heat

held in soft summer sands


I fear I may never let you go

I fear I will never have the chance

here is a song that is timeless about a man and his love… John Denver “Annie’s Song” (live)

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