Don’t Mock Me! (said the little one with furious old man eyebrows)

Don’t Mock Me! (said the little one with furious old man eyebrows)


with the eyebrows of an elder scolding, he froze there like a thousand years of evolution ingrained in this moment of instinct, he thinks survival, mama bird was not as impressed, and she dive bombed my head, I tried explaining to her that I was the least of her worries, but alas, my mocking-speak is not what it once was, she clearly did not understand, so I left the little one, to fate.

music… obvious>>> The Beatles – Blackbird (rehearsal version)

oh yeah, details… this is in the back of my office, the other day, just a photo from my phone, I really need to bring my SLR around and get crazy shots when  I can, but I still like this one…  thoughts, likes, follows, and the like are all appreciated, if you read this far then I guess I did an OK job on this post at least…




sometimes nature does the work for me (she’s good like that)

like a swarm of pine
there is the science of ice
look at my windshield

Sometimes I like Haiku, this would be one of those times, the Japanese have a knack for, well, some straight up weirdness, but also for being a crucible when it comes to poetic form.

MAME game of the moment : Strider, yeah I am a retro gamer geek full on, with a tankstick, hey, I work hard, I need to decompress sometimes without the nature bug, the snug feel of an old game, a time machine, that brings me back to my youth, which I still feel young but surely am not, in relation to those times, we can only relate to what we have done, experience is a very personal thing.

music ? sticking to the retro game thing… here is some Bit Brigade, they rock out to old nintendo game music (which I grew up with), they play the background music that would be on as someone plays the actual game… I know, super nerdy, but that’s me (vid games AND guitars ? hello?) !

Bit Brigade – Mega Man 2 @ Magfest