something silly…

something silly…

flower arrangement on top of table with chairs
Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on

let me recall for you
a tale
a tale of
two tongs
a mated pair
paired as long
as tongs recall
a romance, until.
walked… by… thong
“this is splitsville baby
I’m gone!
time to dig
into something new!”
so he splits, in two,
and after much
inner weaving
she decides
the very next evening
to grab on her grip
and find something new, too
two tongs

notes… just one of those that sprung up one me, just amusement, something simple, silly and silly… no idea why this popped in my head, ask the muse, it is not my business man I just work here. leave space in the world for the silly, man is not satisfied on philosophical doldrums alone…. sounds like a good tag line, maybe I could use it on a blog…

on the silly/lighter side of poetry…

on the silly/lighter side of poetry…

macro shot photography of gray and brown squirrel on brown wood
Photo by Adriaan Greyling on

“across the way, there-
four squirrels on the lawn
I have never seen so many gathered
and get so well along
they must be plotting
I can feel it in my bones
four squirrels over yon
what are they waiting for
I know what they seek
they are trying to lull my senses
lower my defenses
into, sleep
“not this day! not on my watch!”
four squirrels taunt
and shake their tails
I know they look to this now
a bounty untouched
but fierce resistance I shall muster
as long as fallen ramparts allow
so I watch
and pace the trunk about and pace
I await
four squirrels looking to plunder”

(the thoughts of a worried chipmunk)

notes… sometimes just a visual triggers my art, this is that, I found it silly, but also there is metaphors there, everything is scale, we think we are on top of all the world, but we are left to the same devices, but at least, we can smile, and realize our status.

music.. ok, out of the box for me…

>>> Billy Joel (some long island guy) – Pressure

as usual, all thoughts, likes, questions, odd stares, stink eye moments and genuine love… is all appreciated, if you made it this far, you have my thanks, and I would buy you a drink if you were two stools down, a virgin mary? sure, whatever you desire…