star light.

star light.

when all the stars fade
and are gone
for we will not know
that the end
has already come;
left to linger here
for this news
in this bath
of our own unknown-
with that end
speeding towards us
an end already ordained
for us;
nothing to do
nothing can not be as done.

These words came to me as I was driving in twilight, the minivan in front of me I noticed, had a custom license plate
and a handicapped sticker, I smiled, maybe I will enjoy this a bit longer, tonight.


the stretching- beautiful blue sky out-
as I drive, the span over the meadowlands,
tree tops, now budding, in this spring
my mind wanders- dreams- drifts- as it should
and then inward; there is that moment of inner inspection reflection;
looking for that place
where my mind will rest
and my heart might forget, (her)
all these years-
and still-
no one compares to you, my love
for each replaced thread, so abandoned
I am reminded-
and so long,
even the fear has long since departed
the familiar denial has settled in
the submission
to the cold acceptance
with only your memory
to keep me warm
until I go. (there)

(and I pray someday to see you again-
for sometimes the hope, the dream is all I have)

sometimes I am mysterious, or arcane, or sometimes I am a merchant of simplicity… depends on the world and how my mind drifts, this was today… (I wrote this piece listening to this song, why? who knows… it was what made me think, made me muse, so I am tried to bring you to the same place, where I put the song on repeat and my mind on repeat until a mantra bubbled up to understand, so it did, profound? loud? soft? correct? righteous? nah… just me.. and maybe you, these days it is what it is, and sometimes I am OK with that even if I wish for the bliss, I realize I had a time in the sun, would I like another? yes…)

of war.

of war.

upon that ghostly domain
soldiers thrust out upon in waves
left to die face down
and drown and drown the days
even after breath has passed
foul tide and stench has raised
the war sounds rise
to cover the noise

of the dead the dying and injured stead
can the shore open forth and then absorb
the horror of the last moments of men
boys, men soldiers sent in
thrown against the walls of iron cross
with pure luck and harsh determined lock
who might stand at last
who might retain humanity,

bound forever within these sands
of the sights, the sounds, the thoughts
of this calamity at hand
– of man.

notes… this one was written after I saw Dunkirk but mostly I was thinking about Normandy, but war is war, the same applies whether the line is on a beach or a street, war is as old as humanity, sometimes there is no choice, but there is always a price. (plus I am an old school metal head who grew up on slayer so… there is that…)