the keeper

the keeper

time, everything we experience seems in the spell, in the capsule, in the bubble, in the cell, within our cells, there seems to be no escape aside from the obviously marked exit, but then? our short lives, comparatively speaking, to a star, or perhaps a cat should I be granted nine, aside from mine, by the divine force or whatever course brought all this to be, me, right here and now, a strange realization to realize your own self actualization, the sensation, I am born to be now, of all the tragedy and comedy and malady and joy that has abounded in this universal box, beyond our grasp of understanding but still a container no doubt, I swear I can almost hear the tick tock if I listen hard enough, or perhaps that is just my heart, how can I know when you are hearing a feeling? and why do I think of dali and clocks melting, or perhaps they are wilting from the pressure to hold up this entire thing… like the restless mind that will not rest, but set to contemplate, shuffling the rubik’s cube around except there is no solution known, or is there, how can I be different than the billions before me, but I am not, but somehow that instinct is sewn into my soul, just the evolution of the survival mechanism or something deeper, taken from the grains of creation itself, how will I ever know, until I cross that great rubric, that bridge, as we all go, but by then, far too late an hour, to find the answer and let my mind rest upon the ultimate knowledge, the understanding of time, if only I could grab the ear for a millimeter, exist in a moment without time, even for a second, maybe that is what the end is truly like, but we are left to wonder, wander and ponder, until the time arrives (and allows you outside).

what can I say, I would love to tell you can think outside the box.. me as well, but get used to it, no, we are in a box, the box of time, there is no escape, but there is also no experience of now without that constraint… my mind is a puzzle eater, maybe not your typical diet, I wish I could forget and just enjoy the ride, but I just am not wired that way, regardless of the pathways I try… all I know is what I know, I am here now… for a blink I think but to a second that is an eternity, but then… is there such thing as eternity ? or just perpetuality… all things existing and folding back on themselves in motion… ? thoughts?

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