with west warming winds
the whole of my yard- alive
robins have arrived

for those who stayed here
the sun is a bit brighter
like you, my cardinals

but each of you feast
a seed buffet on a line
the squirrels are aware

and of course they try
the professional acrobats
spin, fall, leap- repeat

spoils on the ground
the mourners pay their respects
the sparrows up next

all gone in a blink
tempest leaves an empty husk
sundown, all to sleep

(and there is no sound, for now)

I used to be all against form, like why bother, it’s the construct holding you down! no… the more you learn about the world is sometimes working within the form is as anti form as just being chaos for the sake of it… form can produce excellent results if you are feeling it, being a slave to form ? ok, maybe not so much, but perhaps Basho and others might disagree, and their work stands as the evidence in that trial… there is also a really interesting tradition of japanese death poems, I was into that for awhile, before I was posting… maybe I will explore that again, it is worth putting on another’s skin to walk around time and again… everything is experience and is instrumental in understanding, sometimes it results in nothing, but at least you tried that road, turned around at the dead end, and then got back on the main one… there is lessons there in going off the map…

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