looking out upon the day

looking out upon the day

a mention, looking out at the blinds
a framed window on a rainy day
I feel like I should feel gloomy
but I do not,
this earthly day, spring in name and calendar date
evergreens do no justice compared to full bloom green
for even a pine forest, grows cold
and the spines do, subdue the ground
for now though, naked limbs all twist, upward, waiting
not providing the mask that once birds wore
in time soon, but not today
a grey drape looms over all things
so I should feel dreary, all things considered
but I do not,
maybe the looming comfort
of the soup
I made last night
has me at odds with what the world might
want of me, by design, this day,
so I say, let it rain.

notes… perspective people, does it always work ? nah… but sometimes you can view yourself from outside and see the inside, if you get my drift… like looking out the window at work… and letting the feelings feel like being…

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