The cathedral

The cathedral

the cathedral has awoken
life has risen up, up into the outer limbs
reaching up, up towards the sun
from the seeds of death
leaves decayed long now, feed the ground,
have found, once more, that path to babylon,
listen, for there is a chorus now
a spark on the wind
the din of the wild sings
marking the coming, of the true spring
harken this arrival-
the cathedral has awoken
with bud tipped spires adorned
soon to bloom, in full choir.

the concept is somewhat simple, but are not some of the greatest things in this life the most obvious? the most simple? I like to take a moment, before I get in my car to enter into the mental demolition derby that is my morning commute, a moment to just take in the world, with hopefully a dash of nature, this morning, for whatever reason, I noticed the trees looming over the house, kind of a loose cathedral reaching up to the sky, the empty limbs makes this stand out much more, and as of yesterday I noticed… the sound of spring, it is a thing I tell you, there is just one day where the birds and all perk up, the calendar is not the matter, it is the clatter, just listen, perhaps it is the number or years on my ears and my experience on this globe, perhaps, but the sound, or song of spring is here, sure enough, when I was done looking at the towering spires that tower over my house, I looked to a closer tree, above me, and the buds have formed…

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