senior hubris meets dude truth

senior hubris meets dude truth

should I be the one
to be exalted
by the masses
the crowd
thumbs up thumbs down
to concern myself with this
not bliss (bread and circus),
should I be more comfort
in the comport
of a good lady
in my consort
simple life
simple love
should that not be enough?
(so why do I struggle, so much, frankly – I am a dunce)

notes… those in the room who over think things raise your hand… I enthusiastically wave like a fan in the 200th row trying to get the attention of the band I love.. yeah, so knowing a thing is good, recognition is a good thing… but what do you with it… most of us have everything we need to know, but do we do it minute to minute in our daily life ? probably not, I am not one to point fingers except to point things out, I feel like some days I could be the light of the world.. why the hell not ? but I do not live up to that ideal .. or even close at times, that is failure, but I struggle finding the inspiration and energy to live that best life in every moment… knowing my moments are numbered or at least limited in this form… this is what I struggle with… and try to portray in my art, are you the same?

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