a simple prayer for parents.

a simple prayer for parents.

let you not lose
that which what you brought into this world
a collaboration of souls
a miraculous combination of two;
let you not see them in the grave
before your time has come
let the natural order
of parent to child overcome
please, god, love

note: have I said to much? nah… I am not religious perse but there is all the time we pray for something, call me a fool for belief, that’s cool, I don’t care anymore, I have to believe there is something more, if my belief offends anyone.. who cares, it won’t matter and does not matter in the hundreds of thousands of years of our species, such as it is, a blink in the universe, I want to believe I have a part to play in it all, delusion ? perhaps, but who does it harm if I keep that fire lit for myself?

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