Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
Just a wonderful juxtapose to propose to your mind for a tumble, a rumble, a thought bubble, how to explain this axiom, this conundrum, this wonderful proposition, how to explain to the layman, the everyday man, the lap dog or his friend, simply put, you eat a peanut, and nothing happens, so therfore you are well put to think this is a harmless treat (could use a dash of salt perhaps), so your evidence is of no ill effect, because of the absence of said non effect, but this conclusion, while correct (for you) might not hold true, for another, with an allergy, who’s evidence, upon encounterance (of said nut) might lead to a dire circumstance, of sorts, so, if someone approached you, after you ingested (said nut) and said “that might kill you”, you might scoff, because of the evidence of your hand, but then you might consider the absence of another’s hand in the same matter.

so. does life exist out there? amongst the vast unending ocean of stars? for me I think certainly so. we have no evidence of this but the absence of evidence does not preclude the truth… or the persistence of life on our little cube… or … hope itself, perhaps the biggest foil to evidence itself.

notes… files this under word food for thought… your thoughts ? or food thoughts? I still think orange habaneros are the tastiest hot peppers flavor wise but I do love trinidad scorpion peppers…

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