the voice we hear in our heads.

the voice we hear in our heads.

why is my inner voice
not my own?
but I hear so clear

this voice, my mind, my thoughts
a direct action network crossed
the sound of my voice seems foreign to me
not from another land
but definitely from another person
so that is what people hear?
a different intonation in their ear
and that is me- ?

but I can not hear myself (truly)
this filter is biased

there is no doubt
or all doubt
how can I be sure
might I borrow yours (ears) for a moment
like headphones

or ear buds
so I might hear myself, as you do, as you might

but that is not the point
I point out
the doubt

can anyone else hear me, as I truly am
in my own head

in this theater I have led, all these years
my stage, my soapbox, my podium
will the technological trick ever exist
to link my voice to this?

notes.. my point? have you ever listened to yourself? on a recording? damn… I suppose yes, I think everyone must these days, not so much when I was growing up (or not), but now it is an inevitable thought… is that REALLY what I sound like? and how do I converse with myself with a different voice in my head? surely it is not nearly the same that projects out for others to ingest.. so strange, I hear a voice in my head so different than the sound what is released to the masses, that out of balance seems baked into my cake… but who knows? your thoughts I ask ? or should I not impose? as I can only hear your voice in word which is not the voice to which I refer, but yet… which do you prefer?

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