and… whimsy…

and… whimsy…


a quip, a whip
a backhanded compliment you say?
I’m not sure I swing that way
although you wear, quite a pear
fruit of the loom, I presume
dare I say?
a sharp bite, a stinging bow
so who’s to know?
as I sprinkle a pinch of dream
over your simmering dinner bowl
a barb, a frayed wire
tugging on your string to implore
you accuse me of being a liar
but honestly I only sell you half truths
what am I to do?
if you decide to greedily-swallow-them whole
…as holy true?

notes… just some weirdness that crept into my mind tonight on my not so moonlight drive on the way home from work tonight… some times, like this time, my mind drifts to the silly, to the whim, the muse needs a laugh now and again… and again, or just the absurdity of life, the supposed hierarchy, famous, celebrity, the unknown, in the end… well, the equation always equals one thing, so have a ride, grab an all day sucker, or yourself, enjoy…

PS: before I forget, all your comments, thoughts, criticisms, invectives and chile recipes are always appreciated, I mean this is my space.. but a shared space in that.. so… what do you think?

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