a little prayer of sorts…

a little prayer of sorts…

brown field under cloudy sky at night
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

“I pray to the sun –
for guidance
to the moon –
to ease my mind
to the stars –
as a reminder of infinite possibility
to all these –
as all humanity once does once has once will
may the light become my pathway
until my heart beats still”

notes… not a religious thing, more of a spiritual thing, the more years I hang on this familiar mantle I try to just look out and observe all this around me, it is astounding, and yet so nothing compared to the everything, what a dilemma, but it teaches you to love what you have – not what you can never have, does it always hold? hey, I can only try, this is my first time at life (as far as I know), nothing is perfect, nothing is always 100% right, but damn there is beauty in this world I endeavor to enjoy…

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