the song of spring (poem)

the song of spring (poem)

close up photo of a bed of white flowers
Photo by Simon Matzinger on

the song of spring
awaits the gates
of winter passing
slumbers under
forests waking
snow is melting
eyes now rise
bulbs bear bursting

the song of spring
awaits the grass
the birth of seed
for those once lost
a sweet reprieve

notes… I could delve into the layers I was weaving, but nah, I am still working six days a week through all this covid madness, and back at work physically every other day, my job intersects the poorest and richest communities in the tri state area, I will literally be in Bed Sty one day and Franklin Lakes NJ the next (many NY Giants/athletes there – Go Giants, sorry, couldn’t resist, glad my parents were not Jets fans) … talk about interesting… and my specialty, self check outs (NCR), orders are out the door these days as you can imagine

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