medieval… sometimes I have to get medieval on yo’ posterior…

medieval… sometimes I have to get medieval on yo’ posterior…

castle near body of water under golden hour
Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

titles and lands befall
faith to leave a legacy
for crown and cape belong
shroud a tapestry cover-all
chapters written by the sinners
winters won, castles stone high,
blue bloodlines pulse in reign
across those european plains
and yet mighty disease may pass
black the night
black the mass
for even this creeping death
kneels! before the many thrones
a monarch, and his court of butterflies
with iron horses of noble might
upon the back of serf shall the break
for the glory of titles, lands, imperial weight
all glory to the king
all hail to her the queen
caste out upon the scene
records top down history
ground into down under plow
for the common folk
unmarked burials
fields of nameless flowers
even now, even now

notes… I did go through a mild medieval obsession at one point (college), I actually collect swords as well (medieval and japanese mostly), kind of like art to me, if you want really good stuff check out Kult of Athena, great site, not a plug, no money for me, just a recommendation, and in terms of medieval literature you have to read the letters of Heloise and Abelard… maybe one of the most romantic things ever… for us dreamers anyway,  And  would be remiss if I did not throw out some darts of thanks for the love, likes, eyes, and all else.  I write for me and just put it out there, no agenda, just take it or leave it, I am glad there is anyone (you) who takes their valuable time to read it.  We are all stuck here on this planet right now for some reason… or no reason, but we are here together at this exact point in time, all of the universe made this happen, pretty neat my friends… thanks.

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