the procrastination meter…

the procrastination meter…

square analog meter
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the procrastination meter, is running low, dare I say dangerously so, all the little things I let slip, “ah, I’ll do that tomorrow”, flip to next week, flip the calendar month, even then half a year, I am not the worst or best of the sort, just normal human affliction on that score, much like everyone I suppose, or I hope, but the lists, the things to do… are dwindling, quarantine is whittling away the idle me, even if I am working six days a week (thankfully) I still have way more time on my hands than I am used to, the daily commute, that commute that I used to so love loathing about (and spouting about here), is gone, distant, the only reminder the new-ish SUV parked out there napping next to my lawn, maybe twice a week I venture out to the store, no more, I honestly can’t recall the last time I filled up on gas, I guess my boss is saving on that, and the daily tolls to troll up the turnpike, at least two hours a day, time, like a lost precious locket, back in my pocket, I must admit, for the first week or two I did not do much with it, just a love affair with my snooze button, ten minutes per love tap, no need for the shower and looking proper, and no, I’m not one of those half naked to the mailbox guys, I do at least dress, just not sunday best, or wednesday worst, comfy tech-support-you-can’t-see-me-anyway clothing, but even still, the little things around the house started speaking to me, I mean I have no real excuse now, do I? damn logic… hard to argue with damn logic, all the things I told myself I would do, I have no choice but to do them, procrastination feeds greedily on a flash busy life, and I used to be moving top fuel speed all the time, but now? when days stretch into days into days, and the weather has been, well, gloomy would be slapping a nice smile on things not smiley, the odd sunny day seems like a dream sometimes, isn’t this supposed to be spring ? I’d ask for a refund but I lost the receipt for such things ages ago, besides, I hear there are no guarantees, warranties or exchanges, this ‘new normal’ so called is droning on and on, well, at least I am getting some things done, but I am not sure if I miss the comforting touch of past procrastination… a trade off to being back to normal, or maybe a lesson can be learned and merged…

PS: did I file my taxes yet ?

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