thoughts from the porch…

thoughts from the porch…

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the temperature has risen just enough to allow a brief pause, seems like many moons between these pauses, but such is the nature of winter, even a mild one such as this, sitting here on my porch, eyes closed just listening to the world breath, the interaction of the natural and humanity, to some a cacophony, but I am searching for the melody, even if there is none, equilibrium is better served when being sought, what kind of car whistles like that? on speeds by a late model expedition, I suppose quite leaky in some arrangement or something is surely out of alignment, I am sure a mechanic would interpret the audio far different than I but such are things that we wrap ourselves familiar, the breeze is slight but still carries what is left of the bite of winter, not enough to chill the bones, or even stir me from this spot of repose, my breath seems like fog, seeping out as I exhale, almost like I can see the life drawing out of me in breath, this is not the same as breathing out into a stark cold night, this is something different, almost transparent, translucent, more apparition or hallucination, light smoke, as if I am steaming out into the universe in some way, not at all disconcerting, just, happening, like sitting back and watching myself through time, admiring, wondering, questioning, how little things change in my little slice, the pace of life remains, but the change is subtle, so much so you awake one day to find yourself, here, and now, and can not quite believe it, or grip it, or fathom the amount of hours and seconds all in the bye, this is truly an amazing place, for all faults given, yes, amazing is not perfection nor ever shall, this is truly nothing more than the ride we are given.

for those unfamiliar (shame on you) this is an ongoing series, as ongoing a series as me, as long as I don’t get canceled which I most certainly will be one day, this is not that day, and suffice it to say I appreciate all comments, thoughts, questions and other such, this i just me yelling in the wind, some like it, my neighbors, probably not so much, but that is life, me on a beach fighting the tide, alone but surrounded by the souls of everyone, life is a strange thing.


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