the real big bang theory…

the real big bang theory…

fire hell inferno flame
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at the once, the doorway, that first burst of light of the birth of the universe, the genesis of all galaxies and stars, the spark of all life as we know and will never, at that moment, through that needles eye of all existence so began a formation of a plan, a line forward, of all the equations, matter, laws, possibilities, variables, so it all began, a never ending single path, a destiny, an eventuality, the immense density and vastness of all the ever being, on a track, to coalesce into the most unlikely of forms in the now… you, and so you are, here, as you truly are, all of time and existence of the entire of everything has intersected into such perfection, such an unimaginable union, YOU, and so this brief miracle will exist through time, this time, and then shall be disassembled and dispersed, like all matter, into the corners of the universe, perhaps back down to a single point once more, so the cycle can renew again, as all things do, as far as we can tell, from our little view, our small glimpse, our small fraction of a memory, important enough to exist, have existed for all the universe saw fit to create, you.

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