something I do from time to time, I post works I have abandoned or not finished (to be honest I just am not good at going back, I like to create in the moment)… maybe they will spark upon the mind of someone else, or maybe they were actually finished unto themselves… so, here are a few, snippets, if you will… thoughts? always appreciated.

silhouette photography of mountain range during nighttime
Photo by José Luis Photographer on Pexels.com

(1) “jumbled”
the words have lost all meaning

(2) pure and incorruptible
true love and children
the fuel that ignites the soul
the hope
the future
all within

(3) do I reach the bottom wave
and feel the beach
upon my brow
until I drown

(4) sapling in a frisbee
just being this form
does not mean
you were meant to fly

yeah, I have posted it before… but man I love this album to pieces, it is a mental exercise, no, a relief, it checks all the boxes and guides me to interesting dreams…

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