clouds dark dramatic heaven
Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

for I am
in the dawn of my dying days
awaiting my birth to be reborn
for I am
truly and forever yours
sustenance brought unto your shores
may heavenly vision shun your eyes
so I may pass
and grant refuge, for you
sacrifice to the bearer
so you may go, along that river
for I am
truly and forever yours
for divine light shall strip my flesh bare
strip by strip and cook my bones
so I might spare you
a moment of death
I will gladly suffer the tolerance the toll
no burden shall fail to fall
for I am
truly and forever yours
dare I face the gauntlet of god
inside the crucible of a dying star
collapsing pressure beyond all
humanity before and gone
all so you may walk upon
a golden gossamer waking dawn
may all your suffering be laid upon my door
for, I am, my love, yours
truly and forever more

notes… part of my lost love letters collection where I contemplate her, the one, my only true ex whom I will hold some love at some level forever,   the LLL works are compiled on my collections and series page (scroll down a touch), so if you like this one check out the others, I try to keep everything current, however this is a hobby, an outlet, a needed one, I admit, but sometimes life butts in, you know, how it has a tendency to do…

music…. (something about the guitar sound just sounds like pain to me, the vocals for “what’s inside says” just rules, it begins to rock and then subdues)

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