a simple poem, a simple thought…

a simple poem, a simple thought…

bricks brickwork close up cubes
Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

am I the brick in line so perfectly laid
or the tuft of grass
that has found a way
in that space
in between
and which on now would I rather be?

notes… I was driving to my local supermarket, and the median before the main road was so manicured just a few years ago, it still is nice, but I noticed the bricks all in line, and these lines just came to me, so I wrote them, as I am known to do, in one of my scribble journals that I always keep close by, I suggest you do the same, you never know when the muse or inspiration will tap you on the shoulder, so, be prepared as much as you can, without ruining the moment, let it happen…

music?  ok, here is something from a band that gets no due, I tend to specialize in such things…. punk post rock anthem… unique sound, great vocals, garage honed sound…

 >>> Warrior Soul – We Cry Out

hey ! all thoughts, comments, critiques and such… are all appreciated, let me hear from you peeps!  Honestly this blog is for me, no guts and glory or fame, I do pretty OK in the real so this is just me throwin my art out there, if one person is helped or likes it… I’m good.  I am on vacay next week so no idea what might happen here… probably a bunch of beach shots of south jersey and places no one goes to  (but should)… we’ll see, Cape May baby…. Cape May!

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